September 30th 2020

Statement in support of #WeMakeEvents Global Day

Statement from Liverpool City Region Music Board:

“The UK production companies behind the gigs and festivals we all attend are widely regarded as the best in the world, and many of these businesses are based in the Liverpool City Region.

The live events industry was the fastest growing sector in the UK in 2018, with a gross Value-Added growth of 7.4%, which was more than 5 times the growth rate of the UK economy (1.4% increase). The sector generates £110bn to the economy and provides approximately 600,000 jobs throughout the year, rising to 1,000,000 throughout the Festival season.

#WeMakeEvents is an attempt to draw attention to the major issues they and their counterparts around the world are facing. The banning of mass gatherings has meant that they have not been able to work and generate any of their normal income since lockdown began. This situation looks unlikely to change for many months yet, which will just exacerbate their problems.

The Government needs to understand that this is a viable sector that was growing rapidly prior to the pandemic and that, when allowed, will return quickly. If this hardship goes unrecognised and the appropriate support isn’t offered, irreparable damage to the music sector and loss of an incredible skills base is inevitable.”