June 29th 2020

Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

The Liverpool City Region Music Board is committed to equality and diversity. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and we are against all forms of racism and discrimination. The recent brutal killings of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks brought into sharp focus the massive inequalities and challenges that people and businesses from ethnic minorities endure on a day to day basis, not just in America but in our cities and communities.

We know that words of support are not enough, actions need to follow to truly affect change and make meaningful differences.  It is not enough to just say we condemn racism and discrimination – we must actively be inclusive and promote equality. The music industry benefits and profits hugely from the talents and brilliance of artists, musicians and creatives from diverse backgrounds, but there are still huge disparities in how different people are represented and marginalised in the industry.

The Liverpool City Region has its own history of racial injustice, and wealth created on the slave trade. Alongside that, it has benefited from the influence of black music and culture. And our Black artists and communities have played a major part in the City Region’s own musical and cultural expression.  All of this simply adds to the urgency to take action.

“As a black member of the LCR Music Board I’m really optimistic about opening our doors to the wealth of rich and varied cultures we have in our city and embracing them with open arms. I am proud to see that the board has given a commitment to support black cultural activity as well as other under-represented cultures. This is a real opportunity to instigate and sustain change while celebrating the city’s multi-cultural heritage.” Jennifer John, creative director, music mentor and manager of Sense of Sound Singers, LCR Music Board member

As a music board our role is to support and grow the music economy within the city region – we have a responsibility to actively ensure that this is inclusive and reflects the diversity within our communities, and within music genres, so we will review our strategy and approach.  We will commit to being open, to listen, consult, seek guidance and advice, which will translate into positive action.