April 30th 2024

Spotlight On: The Studio, Halton

Discover the heart of Halton’s music scene in our latest video that puts the spotlight on ‘The Studio’ in Widnes. As the largest independent venue in the borough, it’s more than just a space for gigs—it’s a vibrant hub nurturing local talent and fostering community connections.

Nestled near Widnes town centre, The Studio offers a platform for both seasoned musicians and rising stars. In our video, Project Manager at The Studio, Louise Nulty explains the venue’s profound impact on the local community, breaking down barriers to culture and artistry.

From entertaining open mic nights to the renowned ‘Live at the Studio’ events, this venue champions homegrown talent while providing a stage for established artists from across the North West.

Louise said: “I’m deeply passionate about The Studio. From cherished memories of attending gigs here in my youth to witnessing its ongoing impact on our community today, this venue holds a special place in my heart. It continues to be a vital source of live music for our young and local residents, making a significant difference in our community. More recently, it’s inspiring to see how The Studio is now reaching an even broader and more diverse audience than ever before.”


Expanding beyond its main concert hall, The Studio boasts two rehearsal rooms and a live room. The venues paces are not only utilised by local musicians but through Halton-based charity, LOOSE, The Studio has become a nurturing home for an array of community-driven projects. From the HBC Daycare Samba Band to Rhythm Reaction Drumming, the venue pulsates with diversity and inclusivity. Recently, initiatives like ‘Live at the Studio Global’ have been introduced, providing tailored gigs for asylum seekers and refugees, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

Additionally, The Studio hosts a weekly guitar jam group, providing a collaborative platform for local musicians to hone their craft. And the immensely popular Amplify project, funded by Youth Music, provides music mentoring sessions for young talent, equipping them with invaluable guidance and resources for their artistic journeys.

In the video, Jason Baxter, a tutor of the Amplify project, explains how the project empowers young musicians through mentoring sessions and access to music instruments, mixing and recording facilities. For bands like ‘Hellios,’ The Studio serves as a creative sanctuary, where they gather weekly to craft their sound and dream of taking the stage.

Click here to watch the video and explore the soul of The Studio – a place where music transcends boundaries and community spirit thrives.