November 20th 2023

Spotlight On: Scrapyard Studios

Scrapyard Studios in Bootle is playing a pivotal role in Sefton’s music scene. Our ‘Spotlight On’ video offers a behind the scenes look into this creative hub; showcasing its state-of-the-art facilities catering to local musicians and creatives alike.

Established in 2018, Scrapyard Studios stands as a beacon of artistic celebration and community promotion. As a Community Interest Company (CIC), their foundation is built on serving and empowering their local communities.

From high-end recording studios to rehearsal spaces, Scrapyard Studios offers an environment for local artists to hone their craft. The video includes insightful interviews with the dedicated staff, and also members of Trial By Geneva, a talented local band who call Scrapyard Studios their creative home.

Scrapyard Studios’ Community Manager, Erin Rowlands, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised for the work we do in the community of Bootle and beyond; we hope this exposure will lead to more people engaging in our arts projects which is ultimately always our goal. We are so proud of the community of amazing service users and partner organisations we have built since we were founded in 2018, we really could not have achieved everything we have so far without their support.”

Notably, Scrapyard Studios proudly spearheads the WIMIN Festival – Liverpool’s pioneering all-women music festival. Their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment is reflected throughout all their projects and music sessions.

Scrapyard Studios hosts various free projects, such as the Bootle Guitar Club, Rail Explored, Rock Choir, and Youth Choir, with all members of the community welcome to take part.

For more information or to contact Scrapyard Studios, visit: