January 23rd 2024

Spotlight On Kempston Street Studios: A New Era in Music Production Unveiled

Discover the next chapter in Merseyside’s music scene with our latest ‘Spotlight On’ video, showcasing the state-of-the-art Kempston Street Studios in Liverpool. This facility, which opened its doors in October 2022, is not just a recording studio but a creative haven born out of the legacy of the Grammy award-winning Parr Street Studios. Forced to relocate due to redevelopment, Kempston Street Studios now stands as a testament to the mantra “People make records – buildings don’t.”

Co-owned by in-house producers Chris Taylor and Rich Turvey, along with Coral frontman James Skelly, this facility in the Fabric District, just off London Road, is setting new standards in music production.

Our exclusive ‘Spotlight On’ video provides an in-depth look behind the scenes of Kempston Street Studios, boasting seven studios that include a large-format tracking space, VoiceOver suite, Mastering studio, Dolby Atmos Mix room, and three additional writing and production spaces. Adding to the appeal, an in-house bar and coffee shop, operated by Ditto Music, create a central social hub for producers and musicians alike.

Co-owner Richard Turvey guides viewers through the studio’s vision of fostering a creative community. Kempston Street Studios aims to bring together a diverse array of producers working collaboratively under one roof, offering ample opportunities for artistic synergy.

The video also features indie rock band Blossoms, who recently spent a week recording at Kempston Street Studios. Their continued collaboration with the Liverpool-based team began when they recorded their number one debut album at Parr Street Studios in 2015. Blossoms’ return to Kempston Street Studios showcases the enduring appeal of this cutting-edge facility, drawing in renowned artists with its state-of-the-art technology and collaborative atmosphere.

Rich said: “The creation of Kempston Street Studios, within this repurposed council building, allowed us to build a facility that is entirely tailored to our needs. Every studio space and sound technology necessary for our users has been meticulously integrated.

 “We have undeniably accomplished our goal of establishing a vibrant community of music production talent, all collaborating under the same roof.”

Kempston Street Studios not only houses some of the industry’s finest music producers but also offers rental spaces for short-term projects. In the video, Rich Turvey elaborates on the studio’s mission to enhance accessibility for all artists, ensuring a variety of studios and facilities to cater for artists of all levels and budgets.

This is part of suite video case studies commissioned by Liverpool City Region Music Board celebrating the vibrant music landscape across all boroughs of the city region.

To learn more about Kempston Street Studios, visit their website: https://www.kempstonstreet.com/