October 08th 2021

Panel Event 21 October: Making Money in the Music Industry

On 21st October 2021, Liverpool City Region Music Board is hosting a panel event to support local musicians and industry professionals who want to understand more about ‘making money out of music’ in the constantly disrupted and evolving industry.

In partnership with Business & IP Centre Liverpool City Region, we have invited a panel of music industry experts to discuss and answer questions about how music is currently produced, sold and promoted as a result of advances in technology; and the implications for artists protecting their work, collecting royalties and making money.

The event will be chaired by BBC Radio Merseyside presenter, Ngunan Adamu, and panelists include:

  • Mike Walsh, LCR Music Board member and UK Head of Strategic Partnerships for eco-friendly music NFT platform, Serenade
  • Loren McShane, Head of Legal and Business Affairs at Sentric Music Group
  • Dan Haggis, member of English indie rock band, The Wombats
  • John Robb, an English music journalist and singer, who writes for and runs music magazine, Louder Than War.

The entertaining and informative evening, commencing at 5pm at The Baltic Hotel, will explore the pros and cons around the changing face of the music industry and question what the implications are for all those involved, from emerging artists to the big names.

It will focus on the current hype around NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which are driving millions of pounds of sales globally; discussing the benefits and concerns, including the controversy around their environmental impact and the lack of existing industry regulation.

Artificial Intelligence is likely to be another key topic of discussion, because of its massive disruptive implications; potentially threatening the jobs of thousands of UK music industry workers.

Mike Walsh, LCR Music Board member and UK Head of Strategic Partnerships for eco-friendly music NFT platform, Serenade, said: “It won’t be an overnight revolution but it is increasingly clear that NFT’s are going to be a significant part of the music culture and economy going forward. Digital merchandise, done in a sustainable way, that provides a perpetual royalty to the artist, is too good an idea to fail.

Giving fans the opportunity to have an invested intimacy with their favourite artists and giving artists an opportunity to be as creative as possible with a brand new format, are another two reasons why we expect relatively quick growth in the space. It is of great benefit for all artists to at least be aware of the area, and it’s potential. At Serenade we are all about simplifying and building a market for real fans.”

The exclusive event has limited capacity. To obtain a delegate ticket you must register online here: www.lcr_makingmoneyinmusic.eventbrite.co.uk