Our Priorities

Ensure a sustainable and strong network of venues and to work with local authorities across the city region to introduce and implement the Agent of Change principle

The Board aims to:

Create an open source information hub for venues and promoters to share resources, guidance information etc.

Work with Councils for positive and cheaper approaches to road closures and other infrastructure help to stimulate greater and better festival activity.

Work with Merseytravel, City Region Mayor and other transport providers to develop better late night transport to support use of venues both in city centre and elsewhere across the city region.

Promote the active adoption by all planning authorities of Agent of Change and explore utilising Deeds of Easement of noise as an approach.

Encourage financial and other support models that enable venues to own their buildings rather than rent and be at risk to landlords wishing change of use.

Work with venues on how the sector can be supported to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

The Board’s ‘Venues’ sub-group meet regularly to discuss and focus on this key priority.