Our Priorities

Ensure the long term development and growth of the Liverpool City Region music industry (including continued support for recovery from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic)

The Board aims to:

Safeguarding and protecting music venues

Support the local sector to network and remain informed, using our channels to share resources and opportunities relevant to those in the local music industry.

We plan to establish effective employment resources that providing careers guidance, and professional training and work opportunities.
By implementing live data exercises we will capture annual, ongoing data collection (drawing upon Universities, national bodies e.g. PRS Foundation) to monitor progress and capture changes within the City Region and its economic value, trends.

Strengthen the Combined Authority and City Region’s commitment to promoting and supporting the sector as a priority sector for the city’s economy.

Advocate and lobby locally and as part of national campaigns seeking further support for the sector in light of the ongoing detrimental impact of the pandemic.