Our Priorities

Facilitate music and education sectors to come together with a plan to increase engagement in music and investment in and development of talent from all communities across the city region

The Board aims to:

Establish Liverpool City Region as a place in which every child has a chance to learn an instrument (across a diverse range of instruments from orchestral to electronic).

Invest in music growth from individuals and communities in lower socio-economic areas, and across our diverse population, including support for business development, facilities and access to investment funds.

Establish effective employment resources; providing careers guidance, company placements etc.

Establish a scheme to make better and more coordinated use of existing and often underused resources in schools and other community spaces (equipment, studios etc.), across the city, with a coordinated approach to managing them, providing training in their use, and generating effective use of them.

Promotion of and support for apprenticeship programmes and other schemes such as Kickstart that facilitate a more inclusive approach to entry into the sector.

The Board’s ‘Education and Talent Development’ sub-group meet regularly to discuss and focus on this key priority.