December 19th 2022

Assistant Music Tutor

Seeking a number of assistant tutors to work with a lead music tutor in our Resonate Music Studios ensembles and in school settings.

Although not an exhaustive list, these are a few of the skills and qualities they expect from all tutors:

  • The ability to read music, to play an instrument and to sing in tune;
  • Have experience of playing in a band/ensemble or singing in a choir at any level;
  • Have experience of, and enthusiasm for working, with young children aged 7 – 18 in an ensemble/band or school setting;
  • A willingness to work within a team of professional music educators and learn to teach music as part of a team;
  • Local experience and knowledge of Liverpool communities and cultures;
  • Aspiration to learn more about how children and young people progress in music education;
  • The ability to maintain high professional standards at all times including excellent timekeeping, managing administration, clear and timely communication with schools, parents, students and Resonate.