October 22nd 2021

Event: Launch of our LCR Black Music Action Group

On Monday 25th October 2021, the Liverpool City Region Music Board is hosting an event to officially launch its rebranded sub-group, the ‘Black Music Action Group’ and the Music Board’s recently published Black Lives Matter Manifesto.

The event will be hosted by SpyKatcha at the British Music Experience, with presentations given by members of the action group, alongside representatives from Black Lives in Music, POWER UP, and the UK Music Taskforce.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Jennifer John, Chair of LCR Music Board Black Music Action Group
  • Michael Eakin, Chair of LCR Music Board
  • Charisse Beaumont, Black Lives In Music
  • Ammo Talwar, Chair UK Music Taskforce
  • Joe Frankland and Ben Wynter, Founders of POWER UP

The panelists and presenters will also participate in a variety of round-table discussions, with topics including, representation, strategy, collaboration and the needs of music creators and practitioners.

Jennifer John, Music Industry Professional and LCR Music Board Member and Chair of Black Music Action Group, said: “Currently there is positive momentum locally and nationally throughout the UK music sector that is working towards raising the visibility and profile of Black artists and industry professionals. So this event comes at a crucial time as we introduce our Black music manifesto and explain the role of the Black Music Action Group in progressing positive change within the Liverpool City Region’s music sector”

The Black Music Action Group, is a collaboration by music industry professionals with a wealth of experience and a cross-section of skills and experience, who are coming together to redress imbalance and proactively create a sustainable and dynamic sector that supports black artists across all music genres.

The group will proudly share the Liverpool City Region Music Board Black Lives Matter Manifesto, which they created in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Board’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity. It details the Board’s commitment to acknowledging the contribution of Black people to the local music scene, past and present, while also improving the support and incorporation of Black music professionals and Black-led organisations and their work, into Liverpool City Region’s music and music culture eco-system.

The event will also launch the ReMap project, presented by co-lead of the project, Dr Lennon Mhishi. The project explores the challenges in establishing music careers experienced by Black musicians and industry practitioners living and working in the Liverpool City Region (LCR); a collaboration between On Record, the Black Music Action Group, a sub-group of the Liverpool City Region Music Board (LCRMB), and the Institute of Popular Studies at the University of Liverpool (UoL).

The exclusive event has limited capacity. To obtain a delegate ticket you must register online here: https://bit.ly/LCRBMAG