October 27th 2020

Sentric Music Group

Founded in 2006, Sentric Music Group is a global, award-winning independent publisher. Based in Liverpool, with offices in London, Hamburg and New York, it boasts an international infrastructure including direct royalty collection in over 120 global territories. Today, it represents more than 1.5m works and over 200,000 songwriters either directly or via industry partners, including music publishers, independent labels, management companies and distributors that benefit from Sentric’s publishing administration, co-publishing and creative services.

Alongside Sentric’s industry innovating Direct to Artist 28-day publishing model and online platform, the company is home to a number of highly respected brands across multiple genres including Black Rock Publishing, IQ Music Publishing and Big World Publishing.

Sentric is also home to RightsApp, a pioneering software and service platform that enables rightsholders to seamlessly view and administer compositions, collect royalties and manage a global publishing business centrally & effectively. The Music Rights Management platform provides ultimate visibility, complete control and guaranteed performance for the modern music business.