April 07th 2021

Contribute to LCR Freelance Working Agreement and Directory

Individuals from the creative industries community in Liverpool City Region are invited to contribute to the development of a Freelance Working Agreement and Directory.

March for the Arts, a collective dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the arts, is working with a group of freelancers and creative professionals to create this Freelance Working Agreement and Directory, which aims to radically change the way people from creative sectors in the Liverpool City Region work together and with local organisations.

The Freelance Working Agreement will be ambitious but flexible, so that it can be used and signed up to by everyone from individual workers to large scale organisations. It will outline best working practice and standards on hiring, contracts, support, communication, diversity and accessibility.

March for the Arts is encouraging everyone from the creative community to get involved and have a say, freelancers, casual workers, full time employed, or those who run an organisation. The public can contribute via a suggestion box, drop in sessions, meetings, call outs and seminars, as well as a public consultation on the first draft of the Freelance Working Agreement in May.

Those who wish to contribute and attend one or more of the virtual ‘outreach meetings’ must register their interest here: https://mailchi.mp/0b6ccbb975e3/sessions-sign-up  

The project, developed by March for the Arts and funded by Arts Council England, also includes the creation of a free to use cross sector directory for the profiles of professionals in the city region, and aims to ensure that the industry moves away from inconsistent standards, bad practices and unstable working conditions rife before the pandemic.

Outreach meetings:

Tuesdays – Have your say and discuss problems and highlight what needs to be included in the freelance working agreement. Each Tuesday between 6.30-7.30pm you can chat, share and influence the committee.

Thursdays – Discuss different aspects of freelancing. Each Thursday, between 3-4pm March for the Arts will discuss an aspect of freelancing.

Once you’ve registered (here: https://mailchi.mp/0b6ccbb975e3/sessions-sign-up) Zoom links for the meeting will be sent to you.


Information about the project from March for the Arts can be found here: https://www.marchforthearts.com/freelance-working-agreement-directo