May 20th 2023

We’ve Mapped over 400 Music Venues across Liverpool City Region

The digital map of Liverpool City Region’s live music venues has been updated to now include over 400 live music venues across the region.

The map aims to illustrate the breadth of live music offering in the region; to be used as a tool by promoters and other professionals in the live music sector to find hosting spots for their shows; and for the LCR Music Board to generate data insights that can be used to support the local music eco-system and the development of policies.

In addition to the map’s previous features, which include detailing each venue’s precise location and categorising the venues, the map now enables users to filter the list of venues based on their capacity, and whether live music provision is core to the premises’ business. We’ve also added a filter that shows the venues which host Open Mic Nights in the city region; up to now we’ve identified 19 of these venues, but we’re sure there are more. If you know of any Open Mic Nights we’ve not already listed on the map, get in touch using the details below.

The map is an ongoing project, with more filter options and developments in the pipeline. We are want to ensure that all lesser know venues and those outside of Liverpool City Centre are well represented, and so we welcome information about these venues, so that they can be added to the map.

To add a venue, complete this quick form:

If an existing venue has incorrect or out of date information displayed, please email and we will amend accordingly.