February 02nd 2022

Academic Study: The effects of COVID-19 on music makers in Liverpool City Region

An academic article has been published that explores the effects of Covid-19, in particular the ‘stay at home’ lockdown, on music makers in the Liverpool City Region.

The joint study, by LCR Music Board Member Mat Flynn and colleague Richard Anderson both from the University of Liverpool, utilises qualitative and quantitative data from an online survey of 175 local music makers (conducted over two weeks between 27 July and 9 August 2020) capturing their experiences of the first 20 weeks of government social distancing guidance and COVID-19 regulations, to illustrate the impacts of lockdown on a diverse range of music makers.

The report and the research findings focus on five key areas in which local musicians were impacted. They are:

  • Financial and social effects arising from the curtailment of live performance
  • How musicians engaged with live streaming
  • How being ‘locked down’ affected creativity when unable to physically collaborate with other musicians
  • Ways in which musicians maintain online engagement
  • The effectiveness of available economic support.

The analysis considers how each of the areas were affected by COVID-19, and the resulting lockdown and the ensuing government policies, regulations and guidance put in place to manage the ongoing effect of the pandemic in the UK.

The paper concludes with a summary of the key findings; the potential immediate and long-term impacts on the Liverpool City Region’s music sector; and how the results could translate nationally and internationally.

Click here to read the full report and its findings